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Major Benefits of XPEL ULTIMATE Clear Bra | A Clear Film For Cars


4 Major benefits of XPEL Clear Bra Protective Film

1. Cost Savings

XPEL clear bra protects the lead vulnerable edges of your vehicle. These are the areas that take the most wear and tear on your vehicle. Exterior damage to these areas greatly reduces the value of your asset. A clear film for cars such as XPEL ULTIMATE is a great way to save costs.

2. Protection From Impactful Materials

A rock chip from the freeway or roadside can be an absolute nightmare. Preventing a chip on the vulnerable areas of your car that may require paint repair can be a huge relief.

3. Reduce The Swirls

XPEL ULTIMATE greatly reduces the likelihood of getting unsightly wash lines that cause swirling and spider webbing. XPEL’s self-healing film self corrects wash line damage, and minor abrasions using only the heat from the sun.

4. Drive A New Car Every Day

XPEL clear bra keeps your vehicle’s paint in factory quality condition. Let your vehicle shine for the years to come by protecting your paint with a protective film.


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