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Our XPEL Clear Bra Packages Available

Full Protection Kit

5 Point’s XPEL ULTIMATE Full Protection Kit is designed to protect all of the vehicles vulnerable areas while maintaining an uncompromised look. With this package our install will be essentially invisible due to the full coverage of the most large and visible areas. Not only will our Full Protection Kit prevent rock impact damage but it will also eliminate wash lines and swirling on your hood.

  • Hood and fenders fully covered and edges wrapped to make the film look virtually invisible

  • Front bumper fully covered

  • Side mirrors, door cups, and rear luggage area covered

  • Headlights protected

Partial Protection Kit

5 Point’s Partial Protection Kit is designed for the car that is always on the go. By protecting the most vulnerable areas of the vehicle you are ensuring a higher resale value. Even in most harsh conditions the XPEL takes all the abuse ensuring that the factory paint is always brand new.

  • Full bumper protected

  • 1/3 of hood and 1/3 of front fenders covered

  • Side mirrors protected

Bumper Coverage

Nowhere on your vehicle takes more abuse than your front bumper. XPEL ULTIMATE can withstand direct rock impacts at 70 MPH. Having XPEL paint protection film (PPF) on your front bumper helps ensure that you drive a new car everyday.

  • Bumper fully protected with XPEL ULTIMATE

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